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すごいね!ラジオ体操 Radio calisthenics is cool!


Hi! Eriko here.


This may sound out of the blue, but is your body on the flexible side?

Do you exercise every day?

If you answered “no” to both of these questions, I have a good tip for you today.

ラジオ体操(たいそう)ってきいたことがありますか。日本人なら誰(だれ)でも知っているとっても有名(ゆうめい)なストレッチ体操です。 実は、これアメリカではじまったのですが、アメリカでは全然人気(にんき)がでなかったそうです。ですが、アメリカに行った日本人がラジオ体操をみて、「これはいい!」と思って日本で始(はじ)めたそうです。

Have you ever heard of radio calisthenics?

Any Japanese person would know this very famous stretching exercise.

Actually, it started in America but it didn’t become at all popular there.

Nevertheless,apparently a Japanese person who went to America saw radio calisthenics and thought “This is good!”and started it in Japan.



Nowadays, the exercise is held at various places. Children on up to the elderly of course can do it easily and on top of that they feel much better afterwards.

Every day during summer vacation Japanese elementary school students gather at nearby open spaces to practice radio calisthenics.

Since it's summer vacation they don’t go to school. They may not wake up easily in the morning or stay up carelessly at night and the rhythm of life gets derailed. So it's a very good idea for the students to do radio calisthenics in summer vacation.


There are many adults exercise at the office or factory before the morning meeting.Moving the body before work refreshes the body and mind. One can concentrate on work so it kills two birds with one stone.



In fact, from the perspective of foreigners it would seem a little surprising that almost all the citizens know about an exercise like radio calisthenics.

In your country is there a popular exercise that upon hearing the music everyone’s movements are synchronized?



Recently yoga is very popular. I also have done it many times but for some reason I could’t continue. I thought a lot about why. Maybe it was because there isn’t any music, I think.

Moving the body to the music puts me in a happy mood. People who dance are happier, because it lowers stress. There is a very interesting article, please consider reading it if you have time.


Since I also began to dance salsa I became very healthy, so I think the courage and energy of "trying to challenge new things!" came out more than before.



In fact, at the company in Japan where I worked before we had been doing radio calisthenics in the morning, but at the Japanese company in Bangkok we had been doing the exercises in the afternoon.

When sitting for a long time in an air-conditioned office, and looking at the computer screen, I think your eyes get tired or your shoulders get stiff. At that time, radio calisthenics will be useful to refresh your mood or to help the prevention of office syndrome. It may look easy watching a radio calisthenics video but do it with earnest and to the degree of sweating and it will become a good physical fitness.



What’s more, I recommend it if you don’t get enough exercise and you can’t quickly find a friend and the time to play sports. Everyone can do radio calisthenics at home, please try it to get in a happy, healthy mood. Come on, won’t you try to challenge right away and follow along with the video?




If you found this article interesting, don’t forget click on our partner’s website ranking. I’m waiting for everyone’s ideas and opinions. All right then, let’s meet again for an online lesson!

English translation: Rhys Vogel

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