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日本のドラマで楽しく勉強しよう!Let’s enjoy studying Japanese with Dramas!

みなさん、お元気ですか。 絵里子塾の絵里子です。

Hi everyone! How are you? I’m Eriko of Eriko Juku.

私と一緒に日本語を勉強しているみなさんの多くが、日本以外の国に住んでいます。 日本以外の国に住んでいると、生活の中で日本語を聞く機会が限られてくるので、自然(しぜん)な会話表現(かいわひょうげん)を勉強するのに試行錯誤(しこうさくご)されているみたいです。

Many of you who study Japanese with me are living outside of Japan. If you live outside of Japan the opportunities to hear Japanese are limited so studying natural conversation expressions is like a process of trial and error.

「わたしの日本語は自然ですか。」 「友達と仲良くなるために、若者言葉を話したいです。」 「私のイントネーションは変じゃないですか。」 「これは、男の人だけが使う表現ですか。」

“Is my Japanese natural?” “I want to speak words used by young people in order to make friends.” “My intonation (cadence) is strange, isn’t it?” “Is this expression only used by men??”


When asked these questions, “You should watch Japanese drama!” is what I suggest.


Everyone can get what they wanted to know naturally by watching what kind of character, generation, gender, what job the character has, what kind of situation and with whom he or she is speaking within the drama.


In the lessons I always have told everyone that I personally think it’s an interesting production so today I would like to formally introduce the playwright of the drama that I like.

まずは、私がいつもみなさんにお勧めしている 宮藤官九郎(くどうかんくろう)さんです。 彼の作品はテンポのいいコメディーが多いのですが、人間の温かさや思いやりを考えさせられる深い内容も魅力(みりょく)です。

Firstly, I always recommend Mr. Kudou Kankurou to everyone. Much of his work are comedies that keep a nice tempo but his in-depth stories of human warmth and consideration are appealing, too.


In fact, a previous blog, Speak a dialect and be popular, introduced his production the morning drama “Ama-chan”. It won awards and was loved by many people. When this drama finished the phrase “Ama-chan loss” *was popular.

*この言葉は、放送終了後に視聴者(しちょうしゃ)が覚える喪失感(そうしつかん)の深さをペットロス症候群にかけて表した造語(ぞうご)です。 This coined phrase represents the deep sense of loss like the loss of one’s pet that the TV viewers remember after the final broadcast.


Well, there are many of his representative works but I’ll introduce a few interesting ones that I’ve actually seen.


A curious combination of Yakuza and storytelling lets this drama be interesting. If you are interested in Japanese rakugo (comic storytelling) I absolutely recommend it.


Every time the police detective somehow falls in love with the criminal thus an impossible plot unfolds but it’s a detective genre comedy that gets you hooked with cleverly done reasoning.

次は、ドラマのTRICシリーズで有名な堤幸彦(つつみゆきひこ) さん。 彼は映画監督として有名な方です。TRICはドラマでとても人気がでたので映画にもなっています。このドラマは基本はミステリーなんですが、あらゆるところにコメディタッチな演出(えんしゅつ)があり、緊張(きんちょう)あり笑いありの作品です。 彼の映画や舞台などの作品はこちらで確認してみてください。

Next is Mr. Yukihiko Tsutsumi who is famous for TRICꓘ (TV series). He is a famous movie director. TRICꓘ is a drama that became very popular and was made into feature-length films. This drama is basically a mystery but at every turn their is comedy, tension and laughter. Please check out his movies and plays here.


The next one I want to introduce is Mr. Kazuhiko Yukawa. He also has many representative works but in 2011 I am Mita, Your Housekeeper was broadcasted and got the highest TV ratings in the 21st century.

主人公は、頼まれたことはなんでもするミステリアスで無表情(むひょうじょう)な家政婦(かせいふ)です。 私が第1回を見始めたときは、テーマも重たかったので暗いドラマかな…と思っていたのですが、ミタの突飛(とっぴ)な行動に「ええ!?あり得ない!」と驚きながらもだんだん応援(おうえん)したくなるような内容でした。

The protagonist is a mysterious and expressionless housekeeper who does whatever she is ordered to do. The very first time I watched I felt the theme was heavy so it was a gloomy drama but I was surprised at Mita’s offbeat actions and gradually I began rooting for her.

最後に紹介するのは脚本家の大森美香さんです。 彼女の作品の中で、私の一押(いちお)しは、マイ☆ボス マイ☆ヒーローです。

Finally I’d like to introduce you to the playwright Ms. Mika Oomori. Among her works I highly recommend My Boss My Hero.



This is one of the works that I always recommend. It’s a school drama but the main actor is based on a 27-year old Yakuza gangster so it’s totally different from other school dramas.

The highlight of this drama is the very straightforward and passionate character of the Yakuza.

He hesitantly matures in an environment that until now has never experienced and is supported by many people. It’s a comedy but one appealing thing within the drama is think that all the adults are good people for them.




Well everyone, how was it? It might be difficult to understand everything without watching subtitles but by all means please make use of this natural Japanese conversation practice.

Those who want to know more please ask me during the online lesson.

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