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Conversation lesson for beginners  

We usually use textbooks or study materials. You will learn how to use grammar and vocabularies properly and improve fluency and pronunciation. You also have writing homework to memorize and acquire what you learned, and you will get feedback within a few days.

 25 USD/ lesson (1 hour) 

Conversation lesson for intermediate and advanced learners

We have spontaneous conversation and you will learn new grammar and vocabularies. You can also use materials not only textbooks but also news, novels, video, etc. You will have writing homework to practice how to use new grammar and vocabularies you learned in each lesson and will get feedback in a few days.  


25 JPY / lesson (1 hour)

JLPT Preparation course

This course is for learners who plan to take JLPT. We mainly use textbooks to acquire essential grammar and vocabularies for your target level. After learning all grammar you need, you will try mock exam to get used to JLPT exam style.

27 USD/ lesson (1 hour)

Customized lesson

This lesson is designed for specific request, such like intensive lesson for the entrance exam, interview, editing essays, etc... Please tell me about your request and goal.

30 USD / lesson (1 hour)

Corporate Training (Intensive course) 

This lesson is designed for employees who will work or are working with Japanese people in Japanese business culture.  This course will be tailored by customer's demands.

Please contact  about details.

50,000 JPY / set (10 hours) * maximum 10 students in a class







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