Study with Professional Tutor Eriko?

Do you want to enjoy manga and drama in Japanese?
Do you need to pass jlpt before study abroad?
Do you want to succeed at a job interview in Japan?


Eriko-sensei is a very professional Japanese teacher.

I'm really impressed how she really likes teaching Japanese.

Even after many years of teaching she keeps trying different ways to make the teaching even better.

This is a big inspiration for me to try to keep up my own studies as well.

Also I think that she has amazing voice: very clear and easy to understand pronunciation.

At the same time, when I am not very well prepared, then she can also do a very relaxed style of lesson.

Definitely my favorite Japanese teacher!


I have been taking lessons with Eriko-sensei for over three years. Thanks to her, I have been able to stay motivated with my Japanese studies and have reached the intermediate level.

Every lesson we have insightful and interesting conversations were we discuss our every day lives, world events, Japanese culture and more. In addition to that, Eriko-sensei helps me study with my textbooks and teaches me new grammar and vocabulary. Eriko-sensei is extremely knowledgeable about Japanese language and culture, I can not recommend her enough. She is not only a great teacher, she is an amazing person and friend.


Finding a teacher who gives intermediate and advanced Japanese lessons online is really hard. I was so lucky to find Ms Eriko Kasai to teach me advanced Japanese.

Time flies really fast whenever we have a lesson. She is a really cheerful person and easy to talk to. I would recommend her to anyone who would like to learn Japanese.


I really enjoy my lessons with Erikosan.  She is always organized and prepared. Lesson structure follows the Genki books with the addition of discussion of our activities and what’s going on in our lives.  This makes lessons more fun and interesting and a broader learning experience. Erikosan’s English is excellent and this makes it easier to translate the nuances of the Japanese and English languages.  Erikosan is outgoing, curious about life, encouraging and patient so getting to know her has been a joy. I really appreciate the amount of work she puts into reviewing homework and creating other learning opportunities.

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