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日本一の鳥居「おのころ島神社」"Onokoro-jima Shrine" with the biggest Shrine gate

前回の「伊弉諾神宮」に引き続き、 淡路島で有名な神社「おのころ島神社」を紹介したいと思います。

Following the previous article “The oldest shrine Izanagi Jingu”, I would like to share another famous shrine “Onokoro-jima shrine” in Awaji Island.


Well, this shrine's original name is written “自凝島神社(onokorojima jinjya)” in Kanji. But don't you think it's difficult to read?

So most of maps and guidebooks use hiragana “おのころ” for the shrine name.


Onokoro-jima(island) is said that the first island created by two gods “Izanagi no mikoto” and “Izanami no mikoto” in Japanese myths.

ここが有名な理由は、それだけではなく、日本一大きな鳥居があるからなんです。 南あわじの田畑が広がる牧歌的な景色の中に、 堂々とそびえ立つ立派で鮮やかな赤い鳥居は遠くからもよく映えます。

However this shrine has another reason to be very famous. Onokoro-jima shrine has the biggest shine in Japan! Can you see the big shrine gate “torii”? In an idyllic landscape of South Awaji, the brilliant red torii dignifiedly shines well even from a distance.



Furthermore you will see special feature of this shrine when entering the gate. Many people visit to pray for good partnership.

If you would like to have new partner, you hold white rope first and red rope then pray for new encounter. If you would like to strengthen your current relationship, you hold red rope and then white rope before praying. If you visit with your partner, a man hold red rope and a woman hold white rope with holding hands each other. Then you both pray together.


God's of easy delivery also is worshiped at this shrine.

If you or your family is a pregnant, it's great chance to pray for safe delivery.

実は今回南淡路に行く際に、電気自動車に乗りました。 次回は電気自動車に乗った体験についてお伝えしたいと思います。

When I went to South Awaji, I drove an electric car for the first time in my life! It was very interesting experience, so I would like to write about it next time!


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