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目を使った慣用句 Idioms using eyes





Do you like ice cream?

I “have no eyes (Me ga nai)” for eating ice cream late at night.

Did you think what ‘have no eyes’ means?

This is a Japanese idiom that means “like (something) very much”.




There are many idioms that use “eyes” but I would like to talk about some that if you don’t know the meaning you think “Hey, that’s scary!”.

Well, let’s get started.



ME WO NUSUMU”(Literally: Steal the eyes) to do something stealthily.)

Example sentence:”Cheating behind the teacher’s back is unbelievable!”


ME WO NUSUMU means “to do something that is not observed by someone”.



”ME NI IRETEMO ITAKUNAI” (Literally: It doesn’t hurt even putting it in my eye) to be the apple of one’s eye

Example sentence: The grandparents are normally stern but they love to see their dear grandchild.


“ME NI IRETEMO ITAKUNAI” means expressing the situation in which grandfather and grandmother treat their children and grandchildren with love and affection.




Usually, if you put even something small in your eye it hurts. Putting something as big as a child in your eye is just impossible. If you did that it would hurt too much. From that example this idiom is used to mean “She’s so cute there’s no helping it”.



Example sentence: I looked down at my feet and caught sight of an abandoned cat.


ME WO OTOSU”(Literally: drop the eyes) to look down at


ME NI HAIRU”(Literally: enter the eyes) catch sight of



“ME WO OTOSU” means “look at something down below”.

“ME NI HAIRU” means “ able to see”.



How was it, everyone?

There are many idioms just about eyes.




Many idioms are on the JLPT N3 level and on up. If you don’t know these idioms then there is an expression “GYO!”(Shocked!) so please remember and use them.


I found an interesting page of a blog that has expressions in English so please take a look if you would like.

「101 Common Japanese Idioms in Plain English (English Edition)」はKindleで購入できます。慣用句を勉強したい人は是非、読んでみてください。

You can purchase “101 Common Japanese Idioms in Plain English (English Edition)” for the Kindle. For the people who want to study idioms please read it.

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Well, “OME NI KAKARIMASYOU” (Literally: let our eyes come into view)

Let’s meet again in a lesson.


For lesson reservations click here.

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